While we love to wander the streets of Vieux Québec (Old Québec) and experiencing the fairytale-like ambience that accompanies a fresh fall of snow and taste the deliciousness of rich chocolat chaud, we also love riding the Québec-Lévis ferry and viewing our city from across the Saint-Lawrence river.

No matter how cold it is, we never tire of riding the Québec-Lévis – although, if the wind is really crisp we may huddle inside the ferry instead of relaxing on the outside deck. That being said, there is nothing quite like standing on the upper deck of the ferry with the wind lashing your face as you look upon a snowy Québec City skyline.

Before boarding the ferry, stop by La Maison Smith in Place Royale and buy a large chocolat chaud to go, to help keep you warm. The crossing between Québec City and Lévis takes about 12 minutes; plenty of time to take an obscene amount of photos!

The Québec-Lévis ferry starts operating at 7:00 am and runs every 20 mins during the week, and every 30 mins on the weekend (until 7:00 pm). After 7:00 pm the Québec-Lévis ferry runs every hour until 2:00 am.

Cost: $7.10 per adult for a roundtrip ticket.

Best Times To Go

  • Mornings are general quite on the weekends and the sun will be behind you as you take photos of Québec City from Lévis
  • Late afternoon is an excellent time to go if you’re hoping to capture a magical sunset shot
  • The evening is perfect for setting up your tripod on the dock in Lévis for the classic Québec City night shot. It’s also a perfect mini date – just bring along your favourite person, some wine and cheese, and enjoy the way the city lights sparkle on the St. Lawrence River.

Visit the Québec-Lévis ferry website for information on fares and schedule HERE.

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Travel writer and photographer, Pamela has a deep love of all things Travel. She is an anglophone from Ontario who prefers living in Québec. An avid city explorer and chocolat chaud connoisseur, Pamela also writes for Québec Region blog, Savoir Faire Abroad and several other publications.

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