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A guide-like website geared towards those planning a trip to Québec City, Urban Guide Québec features neighbourhood guides. Starting with the more popular neighbourhoods: Vieux Québec, Petit-Champlain and Place Royale, Vieux Port, Grand Allée and Montcalm, and Saint-Roch. Over the next four months, three more neighbourhood guides will be added: Saint-Jean-Baptist (May 2017), Saint-Sauveur (May 2017), and Limoilou (June 2017).

As a hyperlocal guide to Québec City, we pride ourselves on providing in-depth articles on what to do in Québec City, as well as features on local businesses: boutiques, galleries, restaurants, hotels, artists. We want you to fall in love with Québec City; learning about the city through the eyes of the locals — something we are doing through our Québec Like a Local interview series. Discover info on attractions in Québec City, as well as hotel deals, and what is new and hot.


Pamela MacNaughtan, Editor-in-Chief

My name is Pamela, and I am the Editor-in-Chief of Urban Guide Québec (as well as the upcoming Urban Guide Montréal & Urban Guide Toronto). Born in Alberta and raised (mostly) in Ontario, it took me a little over 30 years to venture into the Province of Québec, and another six years to visit Québec City for the first time — no need to do the math, let’s agree that it took me an ungodly amount of time!

My first trip to Québec City was short — three days to be exact — but that was long enough for me to fall in love with its European charm. I returned to the city two months later, then the next month, and then the month after that, and then I sublet an apartment in Old Québec for a month before heading south to Mexico. Three months later I was back in Québec City and signing the lease for a small apartment with a view of Old Québec and Château Frontenac.

Clearly, I was hooked.

My life in Québec City involved eating a lot of croissants and baguettes, way too much cheese, walking around the city photographing and Instagramming anything and everything that caught my eye, and struggling to speak French — which still needs a lot of work!

Québec is, in essence, a big village where the locals go out of their way to support each other: chefs who buy meat directly from local producers, partner with farmers to grow vegetables and herbs for their restaurant, and employ local boulangerie (bakeries); boutiques who sell clothing created by local designers; promoting local musicians and artists.

There is a sense of pride and passion in Québec City that I find fascinating. It’s a city that speaks to my soul. Feeds my love of history and art, my desire to eat fresh foods, and my obsession with shopping locally.

When I first thought about writing a guide for Québec City I wanted it to be hyperlocal. You don’t need me to tell you about big brand hotels or kitschy souvenir shops or touristy restaurants. The initial plan was to write a book and have a companion website, as I began researching the book, plans changed and I decided to ditch the book and create this website instead.

Red Door in Vieux Québec

Foie Gras at Panache

quail eggs

window place royale

At Urban Guide Québec we believe in promoting local artists, producers, and businesses — and there are a lot of them! On this website, you’ll see neighbourhood guides which give breakdowns on what to see and do, where to shop, eat, drink, and sleep.  Our ‘Québec Like a Local’ section is an interview series where locals answer five questions about Québec City, we’ll be rotating the interviews, but if you’re uber curious and want to see all of the interviews, you can check them out on our facebook page or a special Pinterest board that we created.

Some other exciting features on Urban Guide Québec are the self-guided tours, sample itineraries (curated by tour guides and some of the city’s best concierges), and articles/features that cover everything from profiles on local musicians/artists/businesses to cafe crawls to restaurant or hotel reviews to what’s new and exciting in the city.

It’s exciting, and I hope you enjoy this site, and Québec City, as much as I do.

Pamela xo