It is hard to believe that this is day seven of twelve, and that Christmas is just around the corner. Although, if you’re in Québec City, there is a chance that you feel as though Christmas is tomorrow – and not five days from now. One of the things we love about the holiday season in Québec City is all of the Christmas lights and decorations. Québec City is beautiful during the day, but when the sun goes to sleep and the Christmas lights are turned on, the city sparkles with Christmas magic.

If you haven’t already, make plans tonight to leave the warmth of your hotel (or wherever you are staying), dress warm, and admire the Christmas lights scattered throughout Québec City. Some of our favourite spots are:

Petit-Champlain & Place Royale

The small cobbled streets mixed with old English architecture, French accents, and 400+ years of history combined with snow and festive decorations turns Petit-Champlain and Place Royale into our go-to destination as Christmas lights and festive decorations. When the sun goes down for the night, wander the streets and admire the lights; bring your camera and be sure to take plenty of photos as well!

This is also a good spot for a night view of Château Frontenac. And one cannot miss the giant Christmas tree decorated in the centre of Place Royale.

Place D’Youville

We mentioned ice skating at Place D’Youville earlier in our 12 Days of Christmas in Québec City. And if you haven’t gone ice skating yet, you totally should. While the large rink is the big draw, the decorations on Palais Montcalm and Le Capitole are pretty good as well.

Rent some skates, or grab some chocolat chaud to go from Érico’s chocomusée or La Maison Smith and sit on the steps of Palais Montcalm – the huge lighted wreath on l’Hôtel du Capitole is stunning. Truly.

Grand Allée

Grand Allée is already a go-to spot for night-time fun – thanks to bars, pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs that line the street. This is also where you will find New Year’s Eve festivities as the streets shut down and a large ferriswheel is erected; as well as an outdoor stage for live music.

During the holiday season, the lamp posts and buildings are decorated beautifully with festive lights and wreaths – making the area sparkle even more than usual.

Château Frontenac

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While we enjoy walking around Vieux Québec and admiring the Christmas lights and festive decorations outside, we also enjoy warming up at Château Frontenac and admiring the Christmas decorations throughout the hotel; especially the line of Christmas trees (each one sponsored by a different business in Québec) that decorate the hallway leading to Champlain and Le Sam restaurants, and 1608 Wine and Cheese bar.

The trees are part of Tress of Hope, an annual initiative where all event proceeds are donated to a local charity. While the trees are a definite draw, the hotel also has a Santa, as well as various festive dinners and events you can enjoy.

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