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We are busy building neighbourhood guides, suggested itineraries, and the ultimate Québec City bucket list. In the meantime, check-out some of the other guides and features on Urban Guide Québec.

Neighbourhood Guide: Vieux Québec

Neighbourhood Guide: Grand Allée & Montcalm

Neighbourhood Guide: Saint-Roch



At Urban Guide Québec we focus on local artists, designers, chefs, and business owners – as well as all the things visitors need to see & do while visiting Québec City. Our neighbourhood guides feature businesses that we have visited personally and recommended to anyone travelling to Québec City. Of course, this means the guides are never truly complete and we will be adding businesses from time to time.


If you’re looking for a hotel or bed & breakfast in Québec City, we recommend using or Agoda to find accommodations. When looking at hotels on either of these sites it is important to look at the ratings and read the reviews before making your booking. We recommend booking properties that have a rating of 8/10 or higher.


If you’re looking for a hostel in Québec City, we recommend using or Hostelworld to find accommodations. There are a handful of hostels in Québec City; two hostels in Vieux Québec as well as one in Saint-Roch that are safe and comfortable. There are others in the city, but the ratings are not very good.

Recommended Reading

While we would love to be the ultimate guide to Québec City – and trust us, we are working on it – we recognise there are other guides and resources that are helpful. If you’re looking for a traditional guidebook to take along with you, we recommend using Lonely Planet Montréal and Québec City, or Moon Québec City; both guidebooks offer detailed insights to Québec City, as well as decent maps of the city.

If you’re like our editor-in-chief and enjoy reading books that are set in a city or country before travelling there, then we recommend reading the Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny; all of the books in this series takes place in various parts of the province of Québec, with book number six, Bury Your Dead, taking place in Québec City. You don’t need to read the entire series to enjoy book six, but if in case you want to, here are the books in the Inspector Gamache series: Still Life, A Fatal Grace (Dead Cold), The Cruelest Month, A Rule Against Murder (The Murder Stone), The Brutal Telling, Bury Your Dead, A Trick Of The Light, The Beautiful Mystery, How The Light Gets In, The Long Way Home, The Nature Of The Beast, and A Great Reckoning.

If you enjoy reading about the history of a city or country, there are a couple books worth reading before embarking on your trip to Québec City:

  • Québec: Word Heritage City by David Mendel – David is a historian and tour guide who has lived in Québec City for many years. This book is small and filled with photos, histories, and details about many of the historic sites in Québec City.
  • Québec: The Story of Three Sieges by Stephen Manning – If you want to understand what makes Québec City tick, it’s important to learn about three battles that shaped the city. This book by Stephen Manning provides a concise history of the battles in 1759, 1760, and 1776. We highly recommend reading this book before your trip.
  • Three Weeks in Québec City: The Meeting That Made Canada by Christopher Moore – A fascinating read about the Québec City Conference which took place in 1864, and where there were discussions about uniting all the provinces in British North America. Thirty-three delegates attended the conference, including John A. MacDonald, the future (first) Priminister of Canada.
  • Champlain’s Dream by David Hackett Fischer – Samuel de Champlain was an explorer and cartographer who established the settlement of called New France. A Pulitzer prize-winning book, Champlain’s Dream is one of the best biographies written about the founder of Québec City.